Bob Bly, author of 95+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls “America’s top copywriter,” reveals….

This is exactly  what I did in 1981 to launch the 6-figure freelance copywriting business that made me a millionaire by my 30s …

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My “Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit” gives you instant access to the most successful sales letters … ads … lead magnets … websites … information kits … case studies … white papers …

… and other self-promotions that today’s highest-paid freelance copywriters use to attract new clients like bees and bears to honey.

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Dear Copywriter:

I’m not really all that smart, but when I decided to take the leap from corporate employment to freelance copywriting in late 1981, I did one really smart thing:

I called as many of the top freelance copywriters as I could locate. I told them I was an advertising manager (which was true) for a manufacturing company.

Then, I asked them to send me as much information as they could about their freelance copywriting services—which, since they thought I was a potential client and not an aspiring competitor, they eagerly did.

I collected, saved, and studied the self-promotions they sent me religiously -- the way I imagine an archaeologist would study ancient ruins or a seminary student the Bible.

Using this vast library of winning self-promotions as my model, and “borrowing” from them creatively (nobody sued me for plagiarism), I quickly and easily created result-getting sales letters, ads, lead magnets, and a copywriting information kit – and then used them to launch my own freelance copywriting business with terrific success. Mark Ford says I am the #1 self-promotion master in the world!

Within a couple of years, I was earning an annual six figure income – and remember, this was back in the early 1980s, when $100,000 a year was actually a lot of money for a freelance writer to be making!

I still think the best way to jump start your freelance copywriting success is to collect, study, and emulate the ads, websites, information kits, blogs, e-mails, and bait pieces already successful copywriters are using to promote themselves today.

But collecting and analyzing copywriter promotions takes time. So copywriter James Palmer and I did the work for you … and the result is our Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit – the most valuable portfolio of freelance copywriting promotions available online today—guaranteed or your money back.

This collection of proven sales materials, used by some of the most successful freelance copywriters working today, can give you a huge leg up in marketing your own freelance copywriting business and taking your copy career to the next level fast.

The greatest collection of self-promotions for freelance copywriters available online today.

In our ebook, The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit, freelancer James Palmer and I have collected the ultimate swipe file for writing and designing successful self-promotions for freelance copywriters.

We reprint winning ads … lead magnets … brochures … case studies … e-mail marketing messages … infographics … query letters … press releases … sales letters … websites … and other self-promotions that can help you quickly and reliably get all the copywriting clients and projects you need.


  • An element-by-element analysis of my classic copywriting information kit – which over the decades has helped me sell millions of dollars worth of my copywriting services. Starts on page 39.
  • A new ad I ran recently in Target Marketing magazine’s daily e-newsletter that generated leads for my copywriting services at the absurdly low cost of less than ten bucks an inquiry. Page 2.
  • 3 tips for getting more copywriting clients with print ads. Page 8.
  • The full-page print ad I ran in DM News that produced 75 leads – and how I got the magazine to give me the ad for free. Page 4.
  • The print ad that millionaire copywriter Steve Wexler runs in the back of every issue of Target Marketing magazine and why it works. Page 7.
  • How Denny Hatch gets clients through magazine advertising with his free critique offer. Page 8.
  • Gordon Graham’s “white paper on white papers” and how it educates his prospects on hiring him. Page 10.
  • How Dan Shelter built his e-list by offering this free business blogging guide. Page 15.
  • How Casey Hibbard sells her case study writing services with this special report on case study marketing. Page 18.
  • Inside the success of my 150-page lead magnet The Business-to-Business Marketing Handbook – and why it’s always current, never out of date. Page 21.
  • 6 steps to writing effective bait pieces. Page 24.
  • How to write and design a winning brochure for your freelance copywriting business. See the brochure that got Rich Armstrong started. Page 28.
  • How the great Chris Marlow used case studies to promote her direct response copywriting services to software and high tech firms. Page 30.
  • Get marketing magazines to write case studies about your winning copy and then link to them from your site. Page 31.
  • The 4-page sales letter that helped me earn my first million dollars as a freelance copywriter. Page 39. One client said, “This is such a good example of how to write a long sales letter, you don’t even need a sample portfolio, Bob.”
  • My business took off when The Writer magazine ran this full-page Q&A interview with me. Maybe they’ll feature you next. Page 49.
  • Want to leapfrog ahead of the copywriting competition? Write a book like I did early in my career. Page 50.
  • Writing your one-page bio. Page 52.
  • See my fee schedules for online and offline copywriting projects on page 53.
  • Ed Gandia’s incredibly effective cold e-mail that turns a stranger into a lead. Page 58.
  • How to use infographics to promote your freelance copywriting services. Page 62.
  • How to write query letters that get the business magazines your prospects read to publish your articles on marketing and copywriting. Page 69.
  • The press release that got me in the LA Times, Nation’s Business, and over a dozen other major magazines and newspapers -- and generated over 3,500 responses plus over thirty grand in instant cash. Page 78.
  • A press release that got Dorothy Geiger a $500 writing assignment. Page 81.
  • This press release – about my kid dropping a toy into the toilet -- generated a front-page article in the feature section of NJ’s third largest daily newspaper. Page 83.
  • The best way to present your track record to your clients: the Chris Marlow scorecard. Page 86. I wish I’d thought of this first!
  • The lead-generating sales letter that generated a 10% response for my freelance copywriting services: for every 100 letters I mailed, I got 10 solid leads and 2 to 3 new clients. Page 88.
  • A sales letters for copywriting services that generated a 5% response from marketing directors at software companies. Page 90.
  • Pete Alexion got a 6% response rate with this sales letters generating leads for his agricultural copywriting services. Every niche copywriter needs a letter like this one. Page 95.
  • Should you have one web site or multiple web sites? Here’s what’s working for pet industry copywriter and SEO specialist Pam Foster. Page 101.
  • It’s the “sweet spot” on your home page and can double or triple lead flow from your site. Yet most copywriters don’t take advantage of it. Page 105.
  • How Peter Fogel increased conversion on his home page with online video. Page 104.
  • Generating more leads online by offering a free widget or tool. Page 107.
  • Peter Bowerman’s benefits-driven website copy. Page 110.
  • The menu of services from Pete Alexion’s website. Page 112.
  • And much, much more….

When I started my freelance copywriting business, I spent many weeks requesting, collecting, analyzing, and researching the most successful copywriter self promotions that were running.

It wasn’t easy. Try calling some freelance copywriters yourself and asking them to send you their most successful self-promotions. Most won’t. Why would they? You are the competition. They don’t want to help you steal their clients.

So I went out, called on my many friends in the freelance copywriting business, and did it for you. Sneaky me!

As a result, you can now get your hands on some of the most effective freelance copywriter marketing materials being used today, with no effort on your part – literally in minutes, just by clicking below now:

The 2 big barriers to breaking into freelance copywriting – gone for good!

Having successfully made the transition from 9 to 5 cubicle drone to six-figure freelance copywriter myself, I am well aware that there are two major barriers to getting started. And now, The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit completely eliminates both:

** First, you don’t know what kind of marketing is used to sell freelance copywriting services. You don’t know what successful copywriters do to get clients or what those promotions look like.

If you are selling cars or burgers, you know what works in those industries, because you are a consumer and those commercials are run on the TV channels you watch. But you are a copywriter. Other copywriters target their promotions at marketing managers – not other copywriters. So you never see them.

I asked nicely and was persistent, and some of the top copywriters working today said yes. They gave me their best-performing self promotions to share with you in The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit. So now you can see what you could never see before – how the most successful copywriters promote themselves.

** Second, anything you would write to launch or promote your own copywriting service is unproven and untested. So you have no idea whether it will work.

But when you model your own efforts on their proven models, you eliminate expensive guesswork and trial-and-error … and create promotions that bring you lots of business right out of the gate. What’s that worth to you? A lot more than the small fee I’m asking for this Toolkit, that’s for sure!

"Fantastic collection of self-promotion samples, Bob! This is really going to help copywriters get clients."
--Katie Yeakle, AWAI, Executive Director

“Anytime anybody asks me how to get more business as a freelance copywriter, I always tell them: You should go read Bob Bly. And now it’s all in one place. What a great resource!”
--John Forde, Editor, The Copywriters Roundtable

The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit is an easy-to-follow guide for the new copywriter or veteran wanting to attract new business. You lay things out with solid examples and advice that anyone can implement to kick start, jump start, or restart your copywriting business. Whatever you are planning to charge for this e-book, consider increasing the price. You know the price point that works but this one is a gem--terrific!”
--Bob Martel

If you want to know how Bob Bly has become the sought-after copywriter he is, read this. He shares the actual marketing tools he had used -- his "secret weapons" -- plus why they work, so you can use them too.
--Ilise Benun,

"The Copywriter's Self-Promotion Toolkit is brimming with great samples, tips, and strategies you can put into play immediately. It's an excellent swipe file of self-promotional ideas that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal income for successful freelance copywriters. If you don't walk away with at least four or five powerful self-promotion ideas, something's wrong."
--Ed Gandia

"Bob I bought your copywriters self- promotion toolkit and put it to work responding to inquiries. It worked like magic in getting me several higher priced job I may have not gotten otherwise. Although I've been a copywriter for the past 15 years marketing my services your toolkit has definitely given me an added marketing edge."
--Frank Girard

"I love your copywriting information kit idea. The main thing it does is it saves time for myself and the prospect. Plus, it's a good marketing tactic."
--Gabe Rivera

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The list price on The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit is a very reasonable $59.

Considering that the copywriters whose work is represented would charge you thousands of dollars to write similar materials for you, paying only $59 is a drop in the bucket compared with the real value of having, studying, and modeling these ads, letters, and promos.

I did show some of these copywriter promos recently at an exclusive seminar I gave for AWAI in Baltimore, where freelancers like you paid $2,500 to attend and see them.

But when you order today, The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit is yours for only $39. That’s less than I charge for just 5 minutes of my time – and a $20 savings off the regular rate.

And that’s the price you pay only if you agree that getting The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit is the best investment in your copywriting business you make this year.

If you do not agree, then your cost is zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Because now you can….

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That’s right.

If The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit isn’t the best investment in your freelance copywriting business you make this year …

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I’ll refund your $39 payment in full. And you can still keep the Toolkit --- no charge. That way, you risk nothing.

One other thing….

Major consumer brands like GM and Burger King spend a small fortune tracking their competitors’ advertising.

They want to know what’s working in their market … and what consumers are responding to.

Now, with the Toolkit, you can instantly see the best copywriter self-promotions of and have them at your fingertips for ready reference.

So what are you waiting for?

To order The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit on a 90-day risk-free trial basis … and save $20 off the cover price … just click below now:

But I urge you to hurry. This special discount offer is for a limited time only. And once it expires, it may never be repeated again.

Bob Bly Signature
Bob Bly

P.S. Order The Copywriter’s Self-Promotion Toolkit today and get a FREE Bonus Report, 101 Questions About Freelance Copywriting -- and One Good Answer to Each (list price: $29).

In this 57-page guide to freelance copywriting success, you’ll discover:

  • Best places to run ads to attract new copywriting clients. Page 13.
  • How to convince potential clients to spring for the cost of professional copy. Page 19.
  • How to determine your hourly copywriting rate. Page 22.
  • Can you realistically make 6 or even 7 figures annually as a freelance copywriter? Page 23.
  • What to do when a client is late paying your invoice. Page 49.
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  • What to do when the client is disappointed in the sales results your copy generates. Page 52.
  • How to manage your freelance copywriting business when you are away on a vacation. Page 47.
  • What to do when the client gets your draft and says they do not like it. Page 28.
  • The worst-paying copywriting niches and how to avoid them. Page 15.
  • How to get free publicity in the trade press even if editors won’t publish your articles. Page 12.
  • Subjects you should take in college as good preparation for a copywriting career. Page 36.
  • Here are some of today’s best-paying copywriting assignments. Do these projects and watch your freelance income soar. Page 9.
  • Some straight talk about writing copy for local small business clients. Page 17.
  • Understanding FTC and client requirements for proving facts, claims, and statistics you use in your copy – and yes, it’s your responsibility. Page 31.
  • And more….

Best of all, this bonus report is yours to keep FREE – even if you return the Toolkit for refund!

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